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High-quality Four Reasons Professional hair care products work wonders for your hair, professional style. The formulas cleanse, condition and care for different hair types in the best possible way. Find the hair products that are perfect for you and work small wonders every time you use them.

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Perfect moisture balance, silky softness

Effectively hydrating Four Reasons Professional Silky Moisture products soften dry and brittle hair and give them healthy flexibility and shine. Maintain the ideal moisture balance of normal hair or give dry hair a much-needed boost of hydration. The powdery floral scent reminds you of summer days. Get elastic, conditioned hair every day!

Four Reasons Professional Silky Moisture

Super-shiny hair, lasting color

The color-protecting Four Reasons Professional Brilliant Color products will not let your hair’s glow fade away. These luxurious keepers of color give hair a sparkling shine that brings out your hair color beautifully. Hair becomes strong, nourished and well-conditioned. The pleasant consistency and peachy scent pamper the senses. Get lasting color and healthy, shiny hair!


Repairing care and healthy softness

Four Reasons Professional Damage Control products repair damaged and stressed hair and give new strength and healthy softness for hair that has been weakened by chemical treatments and heated styling tools. The elasticity and shine are restored, and the condition of the hair is improved. Get your healthy, strong hair back!


Cool Blonde tone

Pigmented Four Reasons Professional No Yellow shampoo for maintaining a bright, cool blonde tone in naturally light, grey or lightened hair. Violet pigments neutralize yellow tones effectively. Perfect for alternating with your regular conditioner whenever you need to brighten your tone a bit. The enticing scent is fresh and fruity.

Four Reasons Professional No Yellow

Clean feeling from roots to ends

Effectively cleansing Four Reasons Professional Deep Cleansing shampoo removes styling product residue and other impurities. Use weekly especially if you use a lot of styling products, or before using intensively conditioning treatments, so the active ingredients can be absorbed into the hair’s structure more efficiently.

Four Reasons Professional Deep Cleansing