Four Reasons Professional

You know yourself and what you like. You show your strengths and dare to be who you really are. You show your strengths and dare to reveal your feelings. We created Four Reasons Professional product line for you, because you deserve something uniquely wonderful. Our products have been designed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and the are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients in an ecological way. Pure premium, for you and your hair.

Four Reasons


High-quality salon line


Indulgent perfume and formula


Long-lasting style, superior shine


Ethically and ecologically produced

New Four Reasons Professional available in spring 2019!

Cleanse & Condition

High-quality Four Reasons Professional hair care products work wonders on your hair every time you use them. The formulas cleanse, condition and care for different hair types in the best possible way. Find the hair products that are a perfect match for you.

Four Reasons Professional Shampoos & Conditioners

Styling & Finishing

It is easy to create lasting, high-quality hairstyles with our Professional styling products. The formulas have been developed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and they work fantastically in daily styling as well as creating gala updos. Take your style to the next level!

Four Reasons Professional Styling


Your experience comes first

Respecting the individual is our company’s most important value, that acts as the guiding principle from the way we work with our partners to the way we communicate with consumers. As a company that operates in the beauty industry, we feel that it is important to celebrate diversity and move away from narrow beauty ideals. Our shared mission is to make everyone feel beautiful.


Effective, vegan products

We want our products to contain only the best ingredients, also from the ethical point of view. At the moment as much as 95% of our products are vegan and our goal is to have a vegan formula for 100% of our products by the end of the year 2020. You can see more details about our vegan products on our website.


Recyclable packaging

We choose recyclable packaging materials and use packaging symbols to help recycle our products. Our packages are almost 100% recyclable. We continuously search for more ecological alternatives for our packaging and our goal is to replace the plastic used in our packages with recycled plastic by the end of the year 2020.


High quality standards – Sustainability

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing our products in Finland and other European factories. Our products are compliant with the EU cosmetics legislation criteria fulfil the Good Manufacturing Practice criteria. Our product development is carried out in collaboration with factories utilizing the latest technology of the industry, by top chemists. The high quality of the products and their suitability for salon work is confirmed by collaborating with hair industry professionals during the testing phase of introducing novelties to the market.