Moisture and shine for dry hair

Four Reasons Moisture and Ultra Moisture products moisturize and soothe dry hair. Hair gets back its vitality and healthy gloss. Refreshing scent!

Four Reasons


Hydration and softness for every hairtype, especially for dry hair.


Restores healthy shine and vitality.


Nourishing natural ingredients are good for you.


Pampering & conditioning.


Four Reasons Moisture moisturizing products for processed and unprocessed hair. Products contain aloe vera to moisturize and calm the hair and scalp. Moisture shampoo and conditioner contain keratin, which protects and strengthens hair. Moisture products contain UV protection, and the conditioning spray also protects against heat. Fresh lemon scent.

Four Reasons Ultra Moisture products restore the moisture balance of the hair and bring back their vitality and elasticity. Ultra Moisture products give dry hair an instant, effective moisture boost, giving you your healthy, shiny hair back! Shampoo and conditioner are perfect for daily use. Ultra Moisture Treatment is an intensively moisturizing treatment to be used once a week or more often, depending on the hair’s condition.