For hair and scalp well-being

Four Reasons Healing Shampoo prevents and conditions scalp problems. Four Reasons Deep Cleanse Shampoo deep cleanses hair and scalp. Purely best balance for your hair day!

Four Reasons


Clean well-being hair and scalp.


Fixes and prevents scalp problems.


Refreshing scent.


Good pair with intensive treatments.

Cleanse & Healing

Four Reasons Healing Shampoo calms and soothes irritated scalp and prevents different scalp problems. Natural menthol stimulates and refreshes the scalp. No added perfume, a fresh natural scent of menthol.

Four Reasons Deep Cleanse Shampoo removes styling-product residues and impurities. Suitable for oily scalp and for use before conditioning and structure processing. Refreshing lime and lemon scent.