Vitality and shine for blonde and lightened hair

Four Reasons Blond & Silver products are developed to meet the special needs of light-coloured hair. They provide vitality and shine for blonde and lightened hair. Products strengthen hair and remove unwanted yellow tones.

Four Reasons


Cool pigments for getting rid of yellow tones.


Strength and gentle care for lightened hair.


Keeps a cool head for all blondes.


The best care for light hair.

Blond & Silver

Four Reasons Blond products give strength and brightness for blonde, lightened or highlighted hair. Keratin strengthens and repairs the structure of treated and porous hair and revitalises and restores shine. Lemon extract brightens the tone of blond hair. A fresh lemon scent.

Four Reasons Silver products give cool tone for blond, lightened, highlighted and gray hair. Silver products strengthen porous structure and remove unwanted yellow tones. Plant extract restores radiance and shine. Shampoo contains keratin to strengthen and protect hair. White floral scent with a hint of vanilla.