Cleanse & Condition

Four Reasons series offers a unique selection of captivating hair care and conditioning products that make your hair days better. They are fun to use, they are vegan and of course the packages can be recycled. What do you need for your hair today?

Four Reasons


Unique products designed for you.


Make hair care fun!


Easy-going and easy to use.


Shine, moisture, volume and strength for your hair!

Moisture and shine for dry hair

Four Reasons Moisture and Ultra Moisture offer moisturizing products for processed and unprocessed hair. Products contain aloe vera to moisturize and calm the hair and scalp. Moisture shampoo and conditioner contain keratin, which protects and strengthens hair. Moisture products contain UV protection, and the conditioning spray also protects against heat. Fresh lemon scent.


Volume and body to delicate hair

Four Reasons Volume adds volume and body to delicate hair. Volume products contain silver lime extract, which adds volume and moisturizes hair. Volume products contain UV protection for hair. White floral scent with a hint of vanilla. Go big!

Four Reasons Volume

Shine and protection for color-treated hair

Four Reasons Color gives shine and radiance for color-treated hair. Color products contain olive extract, which protects hair against free radicals that fade hair color. Color shampoo and conditioner contain protecting and strengthening keratin. Color products contain color and UV protection, and the conditioning spray also protects against heat. Fresh fruity scent. Have a colorful day!


Vitality and shine for blond hair

Four Reasons Blond & Silver products were developed to meet the special needs of light-coloured hair. They offer vitality and shine for all blonds. Say no to yellow and make the worlds yours by staying beautifully cool!


Repairing and strengthening power to damaged hair

Four Reasons Repair gives strength and radiance for processed and damaged hair. Repair products contain repairing and strengthening vitamin b5 and also UV protection. In addition, the conditioning spray protects against heat. Invigorating scent of fresh green apple. Say yes to stress-free hair days!

Four Reasons Repair

Healthy hair and scalp

Four Reasons Healing calms and soothes irritated scalp and prevents different scalp problems. Natural menthol stimulates and refreshes the scalp. Four Reasons Deep Cleanse removes styling-product residues and impurities. Suitable for oily scalp and for use before conditioning and structure processing. Achieve balance!

Four Reasons Cleanse-Healing