Four Reasons

Be yourself. Break the mold. Color outside the lines. Eat the entire tub of ice cream. Turn a Bad Hair Day into an Almost Too Good to Be True Day with Four Reasons. Express yourself!

Four Reasons


Unique products made you in mind. (Yes, you!)


Hair care becomes more fun! (And more sustainable.)


Active ingredients from nature, result from dreams. (Too poetic, was it?)


Better than candy, unlimited data and a holiday in the sun. (Almost!)

Cleanse & Condition

Four Reasons is a complete range of innovative products for cleansing and conditioning. The product line uses natural intensive-care ingredients. Aloe vera calms and moisturizes, silver lime extract provides volume and olive extract protects hair color. Naturally-nourishing plant extracts and proteins strengthen delicate hair. You just can't help falling in love with them!

Four Reasons shampoo-hoito ryhma

Style & Finish

Four Reasons offers versatile and easy to use products for styling hair. They are everything your hair needs. Try combining different products with each other and get more hold, shine or volume - whatever you wish!

Four-Reasons muotoilu-viimeistely

Root Cover

Four Reasons Root Cover is a tinted root growth covering spray which is designed to temporarily blend the visible root growth area and grey hair between salon visits. It also gives texture and volume to the hair as well as a fresh feeling to the roots. Also perfect for going creative with effects!

Four-Reasons Root-Cover group no-shadow

Demi-permanent hair colors

Four Reasons Take Away Color is ammonia-free, unscented demi-permanent hair color with professional and lively, vibrant and shiny results. Gentle technology will not damage hair. Luscious color softens beautifully with time. The hair color is easy and quick to use at home. Excellent coverage!

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The Right to Feel Beautiful

As a beauty company, our greatest responsibility is to create and diversify a person’s idea of beauty, while inspiring a respect for everyone’s own uniqueness.

We encourage everyone to appreciate themselves as they are and offer tools for creating a positive self-image through marketing communications and preventative charity work.


European Quality and Reliability

All our products are made in Finland and at our partner factories in Europe, which have been granted an ISO 22716:2007 certificate. Our products meet the criteria of the EU regulation on cosmetic products and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We ensure the high quality of our products and their suitability for use in hair salons by collaborating with Finnish hair care professionals in product testing.


Effective Vegan Products

Our products only contain the very best ingredients also from an ethical standpoint. In 2019, up to 95% of our products are vegan. Our goal is to make 100% of our products vegan by the end of 2020


Packaging that doesn’t harm the Environment

In our packaging, we use recyclable materials and promote their recycling by package labelling and sustainability communications.

Our goal is to replace all our plastic packaging with recycled and bioplastic or other more ecological packaging materials without compromising the products’ effectiveness and user experience.