Great hair days ahead

We want to make your good hair days fantastic and the bad ones better. We want you to feel the most beautiful as yourself. Our hair products bring out your strengths and have their own personality – just like you.

Our innovative hair products offer solutions for all you hair needs. They are beautiful to look at and even more lovely to use. They are made from the best possible ingredients in a responsible way, and almost all of them are vegan and their packages recyclable.

Find. Try. Fall in love.


The Right to Feel Beautiful

As a beauty company, our greatest responsibility is to create and diversify a person’s idea of beauty, while inspiring a respect for everyone’s own uniqueness.

We encourage everyone to appreciate themselves as they are and offer tools for creating a positive self-image through marketing communications and preventative charity work.


European Quality and Reliability

All our products are made in Finland and at our partner factories in Europe, which have been granted an ISO 22716:2007 certificate. Our products meet the criteria of the EU regulation on cosmetic products and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We ensure the high quality of our products and their suitability for use in hair salons by collaborating with Finnish hair care professionals in product testing.


Effective Vegan Products

Our products only contain the very best ingredients also from an ethical standpoint. In 2019, up to 95% of our products are vegan. Our goal is to make 100% of our products vegan by the end of 2020


Packaging that doesn’t harm the Environment

In our packaging, we use recyclable materials and promote their recycling by package labelling and sustainability communications.

Our goal is to replace all our plastic packaging with recycled and bioplastic or other more ecological packaging materials without compromising the products’ effectiveness and user experience.

Four Reasons Professional

High-quality Four Reasons Professional hair care products work wonders on your hair every time you use them. The products cleanse, condition, care and style for different hair types in the best possible way. Our products have been designed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and the are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients in an ecological way.

Four Reasons Professional

Four Reasons Nature

Keep the nature close, by your side. Dance in the rain. Take your shoes off in the grass. Feel the wind in your hair. Four Reasons Nature has been developed to bring out your beauty in a natural way, with truly effective products. Nature combines freedom and the will to create a better tomorrow today.

Four-Reasons Nature group

Color Mask

Color Mask product family

Four Reasons

The product line that is bursting with joy and fun has an uncomplicated approach to hair care and styling. Four Reasons brings together a versatile and large selection of hair products that are easy to use. All products share the same charming attitude that celebrates individuality.

Four-Reasons muotoilu-viimeistely

Four Reasons Black Edition

The trendy and modern product range offers the latest hair industry innovations and current trends with a Scandinavian twist. High-quality products that stand out from the crowd have been designed to be combined and mixed with each other according to the hair type and the desired result. This makes it possible to personalize the perfect product combination for every occasion.

Four Reasons Black Edition ilmantaustaa

Find the hair products that match your needs

Do you want help in choosing the perfect products? We promise that from us you will find the hair products that match your needs completely. Everything from shampoos to conditioners and styling products – take your pick!

Let’s speak kindly to ourselves

We want you to feel the most beautiful when you are yourself. We want your good hair days to be fantastic and your bad hair days better. We want you to remember to speak kindly to yourself.