Watch Optima training videos!

Four Reasons Optima is a professional color line that is easy to use and understand, making it unnecessary to attend a full day training. To ensure that you can start using Optima smoothly and effortlessly, we have created a short series of instruction videos where our educators teach you everything you need to know to start using Optima. The videos are a few minutes long and you can watch them one by one, concentrating on different themes, or all together as a total of 30 minutes video training that provides the content of a regular salon training. We wish you great times working with Optima!

Four Reasons Optima Basics

We asked hair stylists what the hair color of their dreams is like. Four Reasons Optima was then developed based on their replies. The carefully crafted formula is perfume-free, ammonia-free (except for Highlift colors) and PPD-free. Optima contains plant-based, hydrating and reconstructing technology and nourishing natural oils. Watch what Jonna says about Optima’s properties.

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Jonna tutuksi

Optima Starter Pack

Four Reasons Optima starter pack has everything you need to create beautiful coloring results. The color line contains a wide selection of shades, and the colors as well as the coloring experience can be personalized according to the client’s needs and wishes. Listen to what Jonna says about the different products within the Optima line.

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Four Reasons Optima starter pack

Optima shade system

A good shade system is based on a logical division of colors. Jonna goes through the logic behind the shade coding system, the color wheel and numbering. Clear shade codes make everyday salon work easier.

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Four Reasons Optima shade system

Optima color chart

A good color chart is a very important tool in salon work and tells you everything you need to know about the color. On the video, Jonna explains the logic behind different shade families. There are five different shade families in Optima: Cover, Intense, Reflection, Mixer and Highlift.

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Four Reasons Optima color chart

Optima instructions

Jonna goes through the use instructions of Four Reasons Optima: choosing the developer, mixing ratios and processing times. Clear instructions make it easy to use Optima correctly.

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Four Reasons Optima instructions

Optima in practice

Optima is an ideal color to work with. It can be used as a permanent color as well as a semi-permanent color. Jonna explains Optima’s characteristics, how long the color lasts, grey coverage and how easy it is to use.

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Four Reasons Optima in practice

Optima Makeover Color Removal

Jonna goes through the color removal process with Four Reasons Optima Makeover. It is a great tool in salon work, when you are going to clearly change the existing color or when the client’s hair has many layers of different colors you want to remove before coloring.

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Four Reasons Optima Makeover

Covering grey with Optima

Harri shows how to use Optima for grey coverage with a model. The video covers coloring root growth and the full length of hair.

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Four Reasons Optima grey coverage for model

Optima Highlift colors

On this video, Harri shows how to use Four Reasons Optima Highlift colors. Optima’s Highlift shades have a great ability to neutralize yellow tones, creating bright and pure blonde results.

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Four Reasons Optima Highlift colors for model

Optima and evening out the color

Antero shows how to even out the color using Optima with a model. He goes through coloring root growth, the whole length of hair and changing the color.

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Four Reasons Optima evening out the color for model