Perfect partner for you

We believe that we can be the perfect partner for you. The kind of a partner who motivates, inspires, supports and is there for you. We look at the world from the hair stylist’s perspective: we strive to create added value in a way that turns a client into a true partner – both in a business sense and artistically. We offer a complete ecosystem of services that support the hair stylist as well as a full set of working tools, making the hair stylists’ creative work easy and enjoyable, but also profitable.

Fantastic hair products

Continuous product development

Our technical products are developed in cooperation with the best cosmetics manufacturers in Europe, and new products are always tested multiple times on real models in our own studio before they are sold, to ensure they function exactly as they should. Our product development represents top of the line quality on a global scale: having a factory owned by our parent company makes it possible to quickly react to emerging industry trends.

Our international factory partners are among the most esteemed cosmetics producers in Europe. This makes our product selection exceptionally modern, contemporary and known for the Nordic standards of high quality. Our meticulous development process produces products that are easy and reliable to use while offering the opportunity for unlimited creative expression. We work together towards shared goals: we want our international partners to participate in the process of developing new, successful products – we ask for an opinion and truly listen. Our own educators and stylists are always included in the testing phase of a new product to ensure it fulfils the needs of actual salon work across different countries.

Products for every hair type

Our retail product selection offers excellent alternatives for every need. We want to offer option for all hair types from the thickest hair to thinner strand, helping out on busy workday mornings or creating glamorous gala updos and everything in between. Because of our exceptionally agile product development process, we can react quickly to new hair trends and create modern products whose quality and functioning has been tested by hair stylists before they enter the market.

Reliable technical products

We offer a comprehensive product selection for every type of work done in a hair salon. We create products for and from the point of view of the hair stylist, which makes our products easy to use, reliable and reflecting the latest trends of the industry. Out technical products are also formulated with productivity in mind. The stylist can trust that the products work dependably and focus on working creatively without any limitations.

Inspiring education concept for hair stylists

Practical training

Our education concept is based on helping the hair stylists in their daily work and improving their professional skills while offering fresh, trendy inspiration at the same time. Our concept includes training for coloring, cutting and creating updos. Distributors have access to our educational materials, including editable open files for translating the content and producing professionally designed training materials in their own language.

Hair fashion and inspiration

A hair stylist’s work is art that reflects current phenomena, trends and most of all the client’s personality! Hair that accentuates the person’s unique beauty and personality is a great passion that unifies the entire Four Reasons community. There is no one hair fashion or a single recipe to create a trendy look, but a multitude of looks like there are a multitude of people. To offer inspiration for the creative salon work, we create original hair fashion looks twice a year that offer authentic inspiration, original recipes and new ideas for the educators and hair stylists while showcasing the latest product novelties and their use.

These fashion looks focus on the latest trends of the upcoming season. We also provide the recipes and technical instructions for the cuts and colors of these looks so that the stylists can create the new styles in their work easily. We create hair fashion together with our domestic clients and our network of collaborators that includes Finnish and international salon professionals, influencers, stylists, artists and fashion professionals.

Ask the Finnish Education team

KC Professional PRO International is a closed group in Facebook, where international stylists and educators can ask questions about the products from the Finnish educators and share their work to inspire others.

International Four Reasons family

Our dedicated and passionate education team is highly inclusive and international educators are often invited to our large events and to participate in the making of new collections and fashion photo shoots as collaborating featured artists. We have an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive education concept that covers all aspects of working with our product from basic color training to specialized trend techniques in both cutting and coloring. Our successful training concepts will be taught to international educators, so they can reproduce the trainings in their home countries. We offer the ready-made materials for the trainings, so our international partners can simply translate the texts to offer everything they need for their own clients.

Effective marketing materials

Professional marketing

We are committed to offering our partners the best and most modern marketing materials available. We have an entire team of marketing, communication and graphic design professionals creating marketing and sales materials that have been voted as the best of the industry by stylists in Finland.

Materials available online, anytime

Our online cloud-based data bank is accessible 24/7 to distributors and contains everything needed to produce high-quality marketing materials tailored for your market. Included in these free resources are social media content, product photos and logos, brochures and product guides, posters, hair fashion collection photos, web banners and all other necessary materials to effectively market and sell our products. We always offer open, editable files on all our materials so reproducing our marketing concept becomes effortless regardless what country you are in.

Unique customer service

Best service, strong experience

We are a solid and trustworthy partner that you can count on. Our company, Miraculos Ltd, was established in 1997. We are an independent, Finnish hair industry company that manufactures and imports high-quality hair products. Our success is based on our strong knowledge and experience at salon retail and our winning education concept.

Tools that help you grow your business


  • Material bank for product photos, logos, brochures, adverts, banners etc.
  • Includes editable, open layout files for all marketing materials so you can customize your own
  • PDF files for the package artworks, INCI lists and other technical information
  • Latest hair fashion photos from our current collection + video material

Brand Manual

  • All our retail brands in one book, with detailed instructions for their effective selling: why should the customer buy the brand, what are its unique benefits and who is it for.
  • This manual also includes guidelines for advertising, graphic design and best branding practices.

Social media boost

  • You can freely share all the content we post on KC Professional International Facebook page and translate the text into your own language
  • Copy photos from our posts on the Finnish page, @fourreasonsfinland, and make your own posts

Four Reasons Newsletter

  • Email newsletter that contains all relevant information that a distributor should know, such as upcoming new product launches, details of all current novelties, changes in product selection and distributor events

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