We Love the Real You

We believe in the wonderful imperfection of life. We believe in people, passion, authenticity and you. We believe that everyone is beautiful the way they are, down to every hair strand. These are our four reasons. What are yours?

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Let’s speak kindly to ourselves

We want you to feel the most beautiful when you are yourself. We want your good hair days to be fantastic and your bad hair days better. We want you to remember to speak kindly to yourself.



Express yourself

Be yourself. Break the mold. Color outside the lines. Eat the entire tub of ice cream. Turn a Bad Hair Day into an Almost Too Good to Be True Day with Four Reasons.

005 Four Reasons final lowres

Black suits you

Black. Everyone loves it. It is the center of everything. It is bold and unashamed, authentic. Just like Four Reasons Black Edition.

Four Reasons Black Edition 6

What is your dream hair color like?

Hair stylists answered this question and based on their replies, we developed the perfect hair color: Four Reasons Optima. This professional hair color line is perfume-free, vegan and fabulous. Optima gives you beautifully shiny, tone-rich hair!

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